Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You Dare!

Half of the time, Indian new papers and the so called journalists work with bogged minds and thoughts in front of the people of this country no matter which thoughts or idea are imported and exported from India if any.

What news papers, editorials wanted to say or what they don’t wanted to say or what they see or don’t see about the politician’s action are the first by product of Made in India since the impendence. Nevertheless they produce something for nothing. This something goes with something else what is that something else who can ask these so called one of the pillars of democracy for the fallacies? 

For example, see the yesterday editorial of TOI on “How Dare You” which says “that our education system does not foster a culture of inquiry — holds true for most of our centres of learning. This is a serious problem because its impact on students is life-long and has consequences for India’s future”. The word “most of our centres of learning” should read all of the Centre of Learning, its not so?

It is also acknowledges that the present education system “encourages a hierarchical relationship between teacher and student” true but the remedy lies with the institutional autonomy and the honest teachers who never allow such practice of “hierarchical” mindset but allow to preach freedom to build true thinker in the sense of their own actions for which they are accountable. Are the teachers in the schools, colleges and universities and institutions are accountable for their actions? Not quite so because the state gives more than enough power to ask themselves (unions) why should be.

That’s how  Dr Sowell saysThe power to tax is the power to destroy” not only where they tax but also where they don’t tax, if any.

At last the editorial protest for “original minds” and thinkers but it is shameful if it is not aware of what the great thinker Adam Smith said (as I posted here“the teachers had no jurisdiction over their pupils, nor any other authority besides that natural authority, which superior virtue and abilities never fail to procure from young people towards those who are entrusted with any part of their education.”

Until this sort of mindset is built among teachers and students there is no hope to expect any great thinker for many centuries.

It is not surprise to ask this question: is anybody aware of these lines in Indian Universities particularly among political and economics professors. The answer is I don’t know.

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