Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who has all accurate information to choose a career?

D.S. Cheema writes in The Tribune “According to experts, there are more than 27,000 career options in today’s world”. But “if you ask any student why is he doing a particular course, the answer probably would be both disturbing and perplexing: “My parents, friends told me to do it.” In most cases, one would get silent answer, while in others, the student would shift the entire responsibility of his or her actions to some one else.”

And “They must understand that it is important to know what course to do and then do that to their best ability”.

Indeed it is true but only in entry level that the “Job markets are very competitive and in the present business environment, they are bound to get more and more out of reach of a person of average competence. The competence level is directly proportional to the aptitude, potential and effort”.

It important to note here what a liberal economist and friend Sauvik Chakraverti said “Every activist in indian education suffers from a ‘delusion of knowledge’ — the notion that the socialist State, i.e. government, is in possession of knowledge that the poor need to succeed in life”.

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