Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pity New IIT!

The Economic Times editorial “notes that IIT-Rajasthan classes have begun on the IIT- Kanpur campus but that lecturers are sometimes greeted with empty classrooms. It’s not because the IIT-Rajasthan students are playing truant. With eight to 10 students crammed into each accommodation meant for an IIT-Kanpur faculty member and with only one bathroom, the students are either missing classes or arriving late. IIT-Kanpur never had to maintain an attendance register. However, the attendance for IIT-Rajasthan has been so abysmal that the IIT-Kanpur director has asked instructors to record the students’ presence or absence on a regular basis. If you’re wondering why the IIT-Kanpur director has to issue such directions, it’s because he is the acting head of IIT-Rajasthan!”

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