Friday, October 17, 2008

The government under-estimates the problems it faces

When people blame the governments and it is the real problem and not a solution it doesn’t hear that. The reason behind is as simple as it got the power to do what it think than what people want.

Here (few paragraphs) Michael S. Rozeff saysGary North has told us of "Keynesianism’s Last Stand." I can only agree. It is also Monetarism’s last stand, that being a softer version of Keynesianism. The winner is – Ludwig von Mises and Austrian economics!

If this is Keynesianism’s Last Stand, it is also Government’s Last Stand. Custer under-estimated the size of the enemy he faced. The government under-estimates the problems it faces. Its terrain is as exposed to attack as was Custer’s. The solution is obvious: little or no government. The government doesn’t want to hear that. So instead it fights on, against insuperable odds.

There is no third way between liberty and private property and its opposite, which is government ownership and control of everyone and everything in the country. Government is a black hole. It is a field of political power that is so strong that nothing can escape its pull, or so it seems. Once established, it grows.

The physical black hole concentrates a large amount of mass in a small space and creates a strong gravitational force that traps even light. The government black hole concentrates a large amount of power in a few people who trap society’s resources.

According to quantum theory, however, black holes leak energy (Hawking radiation.) Its life is finite. Government faces leakages of capital. Capital flees the control of government. The government’s life is also finite”.

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