Monday, October 27, 2008

State has its own perils

In Forbes Oxford Analytica writes the “Supporters of the current federal interventions in the marketplace defend it as "government action to free the markets"--an idea that even conservative economists such as Friedrich Hayek or Milton Friedman might have accepted”.

 But no way to think as for as F A Hayek is concerned, as I have already posted here.

In addition What Mises said also valid.

 “The appearance of periodically recurring economic crises is the necessary consequence of repeatedly renewed attempts to reduce the 'natural' rates of interest on the market by means of banking policy. The crises will never disappear so long as men have not learned to avoid such pump-priming, because an artificially stimulated boom must inevitably lead to crisis and depression....

All attempts to emerge from the crisis by new interventionist measures are completely misguided. There is only one way out of the crisis: Forgo every attempt to prevent the impact of market prices on production. Give up the pursuit of policies which seek to establish interest rates, wage rates and commodity prices different from those the market indicates. This may contradict the prevailing view. It certainly is not popular. Today all governments and political parties have full confidence in interventionism and it is not likely that they will abandon their program. However, it is perhaps not too optimistic to assume that those governments and parties whose policies have led to this crisis will some day disappear from the stage and make way for men whose economic program leads, not to destruction and chaos, but to economic development and progress”. 

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