Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Teacher deserve peanuts!

I was taught some of top economic professors in Tamil Nadu in Madras University but not even one qualifies to call a true teacher unfortunately had one in my schooling.

Take for example a professor taught about Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal’s “Asian Drama” and other ideas but utterly did not mentioned not eve once about F A Hayek.

What is special about these two economists is that both were awarded Nobel Price in Economics in 1974!

Secondly, another professor taught economic development and planning but never hinted about B R Shenoy’s Dissent Note to the Second Five Year Plan of India.

Third a professor asked student to tell something about Karl Marx theories. “Marx said only how to capture a country but did not say anything about how to govern” I said the Marxist professor said “you don’t know anything sit down!”

What Sauvik Chakraverti wrote was “Teacher! Don't teach nonsense”

Now “what do you think your teachers deserve? A real debate at least?”

Sure peanuts for my teachers I don’t know about your teachers!

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Anonymous said...

Monkeys deserve peanuts. so do bad teachers and professors