Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The ignorance is ours, not theirs

Mr Rajesh Chakrabarti writes in the Financial Express “Most of today’s major business houses have prospered largely by manipulating the political system both during the license-permit raj as well as today’s SEZ-raj. “Progress” is fine for politicians, as long as it serves their self-interest—just as it is for the business houses in India. No complaints, that’s how both capitalism and democracy are supposed to work, but let’s drop the “above politics” pretensions of India Inc”.

It is also not surprise when he says that the “Every public organisation, from the auto-rickshaw union to the professors association in Bengal is infiltrated and controlled by party cadres. The Big Brother’s hold on the legislative assembly as well as in local bodies is near-absolute. In this situation, if an opposition party can sustain a high-pitched campaign for close to two years, there must be genuine and serious grass-root discontent that fuels it. No amount of political manipulations can pull this off”.

What else one can expect from these communists?

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