Friday, October 24, 2008

As an example, the authors

In Hindu there is an article by Philip G. Altbach & N. Jayaram, they writes about Indian educational system and the aim of building world class universities, they say it is virtually impossible. According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the total Central Universities are 20 (not 18) and According to the Planning Commission the total universities are 378 (not 348). For an example how authors are ignorant of recent change.

They say that “Teachers and academic leaders at colleges and universities have little incentive to innovate higher education…….the idea of a truly world-class university (an institution that can compete with the best in the world) in cities like Guwahati or Bhubaneswar is simply unrealistic. It would be extraordinarily difficult to attract top professors or even the best students, and the “soft” infrastructure, such as most cultural amenities, is missing. High-tech industry is also absent in these locations and would be difficult to lure. No amount of money will guarantee the establishment of a world-class university in such places…………..Indian academics are rewarded for longevity rather than productivity, and for conformity rather than innovation………Deeply ingrained in Indian society and politics, the reservation system may well be justified.

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