Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gandhi died Jinnah lives!

When it comes to the notion of disobedience to the outsider (ruler) is it that the notion also gets eliminated when the outsiders moves out?

May not be so it is also possible to counterproductive that is what happened and happening in India.

Mr Harihar Narayanaswamy writes in the Economic Times that “Interestingly, there were some who predicted this outcome even at the time that Gandhi first adopted these methods. The most notable opponent to Gandhi’s civil disobedience tactics was Mohammad Ali Jinnah way back in the 1920s, who believed that the path to independence lay in constitutional methods. In fact, the use of such tactics by Gandhi (which Jinnah often equated with political terrorism) was one of the sticking points in their relationship. Jinnah argued that independence if won through such methods would be counterproductive: “Your extreme programme for the moment has struck the imagination mostly of the inexperienced youth and the ignorant and illiterate. All this means disorganisation and chaos”.

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