Monday, October 13, 2008

India’s Edification

Today, there is a launch of Quality Programme’ of Educational Quality Foundation of India (EPFI) which aims at “quality in schools and enable them to demonstrate professional responsibility and accountability”.

Vice President of India says that “One third of India’s adult population is illiterate; only 12% of eligible children at school complete 10th standard. About 2 crore children are born every year. Around 7 percent of the children do not attend school between the age group 6 to 14. Of the ones that do go through the primary and secondary schooling, about 75 lakhs appear in Class X and 38 lakhs in Class XII examinations. At both levels the pass percentage is 50-55 percent”.

Unless something changes in the Supreme Court judgments on ‘profits’ nothing will happen in the word of ‘quality’ in schools.

Some time back economist Parth J Shah said that “the legality of for-profit education must also be addressed. In the reading of the courts, our Constitution prohibits ‘commercialisation of education’. Most educationists and social elites share that view”.

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