Friday, October 17, 2008

Think Locally, Act Globally

Some economics journalist say’s that the slogan of “think globally and act locally” is a pity politics. It has more to do reverse also says libertarian.

What D.W. MacKenzie says is “According to one slogan, we should think globally, but act locally.[1] Such thinking obviously has significant appeal, but it is highly misleading. Typically, this slogan pertains to environmental issues. However, it represents a particular worldview that is hostile to free markets and friendly towards governmental intervention.

The appeal of this slogan and the ideas it represents derives from legitimate issues. The persons who promote governmental control of the economy and environment do so because they see great potential for conflict in a free society based on the pursuit of self-interest. After all, how can individuals pursue their interests without coming into conflict with each other?

Those who truly want social progress should promote the idea that we should all think locally as individuals and act globally through the capitalist system. This is the creed of the true progressive”.

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