Thursday, September 11, 2008

Economics of Blogs Games by Chandra

Yesterday years debate in schools, colleges and university near not gone yet new order of F A Hayek bloger games begin.

There is a new blog called  in India quite young but he attempts new experiments in applied economics.

Of course my answers are attempted here in brief!    

My hunch!

Defiantly the notes physical quality will vary as along as the Government/ Central bank promises it is used as monopoly legal tender!

If at all the notes physical quality varies it is due to the velocity of circulation among people who were used for trading goods and services by the Central bank/ government promised notes!

All notes will disappear only when the Central Bank/Government stops printing of new notes! Or the trading of goods and services of people who changed in a given period of time or people themselves trade all goods and services without any form of central bank/government printed monopoly money including old one!

 I am looking forward your answer


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