Friday, September 26, 2008

Road to Poverty reduction by construction, education and infrastructure building!

Mr C.T.Kurien writes “In India road construction is the highest contributor to poverty reduction and in China it is government expenditure on education that makes the largest contribution in reducing rural poverty”. 

Further the “Spending on rural infrastructure is another top contributor to poverty reduction in most countries studied. Expenditures leading to increased non-farm employment are also major contributors to poverty reduction”.

In fact “in Thailand the major contribution to poverty reduction has come from investments in rural electrification”

Better the NREGS should be scraped instead the money should be spend on building infrastructure in rural and urban areas.


Sauvik said...

congrats chandra on an excellent blog! keep it up.

and you are right on roads. whenever i see a poverty-stricken village, the only cure i can think of is a good road (and cheap cars).

i wonder how others think of no roads, but schools, NREGA etc.

they are blind to reality.

Chandra said...

Thanks you Sauvik!