Monday, September 22, 2008

Governments Sans Individual Freedom is absurd by Chandra

It is the irrational human action, stupid. Who can see the economic activity is totally different from any other activity? If at all it is only the human activity which include both economic and social. It is the later development or looking at things different way is also called social activity. Suppose there is something called economic activity which aims at creating or accumulating wealth for once survivals. This particular activity whichever it may naturally includes social activity.   

There is an article in today’s Economic Times, which start with anomaly by forced muse on Economics. One can not draw separate line between social and economic activity from the same the human action, I mean his or her action is the same but viewed by different people in different perspective than how come “It does not interest us because we have so easily managed to separate what we see as economic activity from the rest of society? It further state that “Even our economics has narrowed down to money and profits”. The author themselves are not clear what they wanted to say but it is clear they wanted to kill the world ‘profit’ like one did by our first prime minister Nehru!

Instead of saying “we are so skewed in out vision” the life is in conflict of visions which is also often shared by every one of us.

Let’s agree with this “only from the point of view of profit”. What the so called BIG Governments are really doing?

No doubts they are not trying to bridge people equitable (both rich and poor). So let’s not ask them to do any more, if at all ask our freedom to do our basic actions. These socialist human rightist are always in confused mode, let’s not try to tune them, they will kill us by breaching social justice, no profit out of fair business or no free trade etc.

It is worth to note one by great Tamil poet Subrahmanya Bharathi said

“We will dig many mines,

And take out gold and other things,

And go eight directions to sell these,

And bring home many things”.

(India 2020 A Vision for the New Millennium by A P J Abdul Kalam with Y S Rajasn, p.87).

 What I am saying is that we need to consider all other ideas and muse it as it goes but separate one from your own way and then bring it from your on thought to practice become taking as it is from others.

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