Monday, September 29, 2008

Dr Manmohan Singh and Bush Reactor Constructionist

The N Deal is over, whether Dr Singh party will get vote in the forthcoming General election? It is a big dilemma because except this N deal what his party did in the account of India’s reforms is also another big question that everyone now asks utterly.

Here are two news reports which say that the N Deal passing in US house and France will be done too.

A layperson or common man can ask what are the benefits that future India will gain out this N Deal yes here is an article by Jeff Immelt in Bloomberg which precisely says it will be immense! And it is also worth to note the below lines.

“The agreement is good for the U.S.-India relationship, good for global energy policy and security and good for U.S. jobs. It opens up prospects for U.S. companies to supply potentially billions of dollars worth of reactor technology, fuel and other services to India -- especially given the ambitious nuclear-plant construction program planned by India. About 30 domestic and foreign-supplied reactors may be built by 2030 alone.


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