Monday, September 29, 2008

Klein is dead wrong about Friedman

Since the evolution of civilisation the word freedom and economic reforms become inevitable for human freedom.

Here is an interesting articleDefaming Milton Friedman by Mr Johan Norberg in Reason. Professor Milton Friedman’s contribution is immense in the twentieth centaury.   

Klein wrote “that Friedman acted as "adviser to the Chilean dictator."…… in fact, Friedman never worked as an adviser to, and never accepted a penny from, the Chilean regime. He even turned down two honorary degrees from Chilean universities that received government funding, because he did not want to be seen as endorsing a dictatorship he considered "terrible" and "despicable." He did spend six days in Chile in March 1975 to give public lectures, at the invitation of a private foundation. When he was there he met with Pinochet for about 45 minutes and wrote him a letter afterward, arguing for a plan to end hyperinflation and liberalize the economy. He gave the same kind of advice to communist dictatorships as well, including the Soviet Union, China, and Yugoslavia”. 


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