Monday, September 22, 2008

A Humane Tribute to Sudha Shenoy (1943-2008) by Chandra

I first heard Sudha Shenoy quickly after I attended the first ever (as of now) Austrian Economics Seminar in India in 2005 nicely organized by Centre for Civil Society, is a Delhi based Free Market think tank.

It was the 2003 such one enthusiastic but Sudha Shenoy interview led me to read more about her other writings.

I have also written a brief biography of her fascinated father and the true Indian economist Professor B R Shenoy which I will upload shortly.

There is also humane brief bio of Sudha Shenoy which has some more interesting information. Some of you may be interested to know!

All I can say is that the world has lost one of our true liberal economists but often my likeminded distinguished economists tell their ideas never get loss its value from this world.

Sudha Shenoy’s last writing is here, but not doubts it is quite readable in fact it is worth to note the following lines.

"Technology is widely seen as the key to development. But this does not explain how a single innovative machine multiplies itself. An alternative tack: Menger’s analysis of investment chains. Begin with first-order (consumer) goods and examine the second, third-, and other successively higher-order goods required......".

The Prof B R Shenoy's interesting two books later edited and bublished.

The above books also available here and here

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