Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poor love thy Kapital, Kapital by Chandra

“Communists probably believe that Karl Marx’s grave is nothing but a capitalist plot. And in that capitalist plot it is likely that Marx is laughing away while exclaiming, “Kapital, Kapital.”

But Sauvik Chakraverti wrote in The Times of India in 2005, such one in its own character.

“The very fact that all this capital is available for the worker to work upon raises his productivity and his earnings. The capital is there only because the shareholders of the company have saved enough to invest in the firm. Left to the workers, their savings would not have generated such a lot of investment in capital. Thus, as with the hammer and the sickle, when workers get advanced robotics to work with, the ensuing increase in labour productivity translates into higher earnings per worker. Labour and capital are hence in harmony”. 


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