Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Of the Economics language by Chandra

How people learn a particular idea or language without difficulty. A slight similar question was also asked by Swami Vivekananda more than hundred years ago! But let’s focus what F A Hayek wrote in one of his book.

“spontaneously grown institutions such as language, law, morals, and conventions that anticipated modern scientific approaches and from which the liberals might have profited. But the admiration of the conservatives for free growth generally applies only to the past. They typically lack the courage to welcome the same undesigned change from which new tools of human endeavors will emerge”.

Of course Hayek was arguing about the inability of conservative understanding on natural institutions and its viability to every one when it has been promoted.

When it comes the learning of “Economics is generally considered as a “dry” subject by students. Its teachers face a challenge in generating interest among their students for economics”. There is a valid reason’s for this situation. Apart from all other reasons “One of the most striking things was the frequent assertion by the economists I met was that they didn’t read the business papers. This strange approach doesn’t seem to have changed much. Just two days ago, I met a university professor who said the same thing. I wondered about the point of the research they did. If, like their counterparts in the US and the rest of the west, they didn’t address live problems, what did they do then? And why?”

It is true the teachers who are in the field of economics don’t have nobility of teaching themselves that is one of the major reasons for their inability to train students.

They don’t even understand what liberal economist Adam Smith said more than two hundred years ago! “The teachers had no jurisdiction over their pupils, nor any other authority besides that natural authority, which superior virtue and abilities never fail to procure from young people towards those who are entrusted with any part of their education”.

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