Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Less the power more the effective IAS but doubtful

Allow me to take brief curse of this article by Sameer Sharma in Economic Times.

“What do IAS officers do?” they do ruin the taxpayers money to their home of course there are few who do less ruin but it is a ruin! In Economic terms it is killing millions of people life.

“The most common normative guide is found in the rational decision-making model, which starts with goal identification based on a known singular public interest, followed by listing of all possible alternatives with their consequences, and finally selecting the alternative, most likely to lead to goal achievement”.

I ask how many IAS officers as of now had have listed the private sector participation (education, health, road, infra, etc) in the public policies as one of the best possible option to provide better choices to people of this country.

“L P Singh advised trainee IAS officers: “practically all government is politics — anything you do has political implication”. Actually it is the political murder!

“Adopting practices from the private sector” nonsense why there are no national or state level emphases on dying poor schools and health centres etc in India

“Political engagement is necessary because decisions made by IAS officers affect individuals, groups of people and interest groups, each having different goals and different notions to achieve their goals”. When both political and IAS officers are in vested interest what will happened to people of this country. Exactly that was happening since political independence!

How many are poor too many why no one knows the reasons!

Why poor are poor because they are poor this is what stupid babaus, polize, regulators, rulers, etc preach mindlessly.

But things are not over, yet comes the age of technology and innovation to push back State Accumulated Interest (SAI)!

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