Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New pace of industry by Chandra

There is news which states the death of CEO of Greater Noida industry.

Of many, there are two different voices for this death.

One is from The Economic Times editorial which state that “There should be no hesitation in punishing workers allegedly responsible for Lalit Kishore Chaudhury’s death, under relevant provisions of Indian criminal law, if found guilty”. 

And further “Companies must be allowed more flexibility than they currently enjoy in hiring and dispensing with labour. But legislation for flexible hiring and retrenchment of labour must have built-in mandatory provisions for social safety nets. But for that to truly materialise, workers must be envisaged as serious stakeholders in the industrialisation process. Trade unions can serve precisely that purpose”.

These two views are contradict if at all the humanity feels that this civilisation which is matured to treat human being as human. Nothing will happen in nay of future humanity.  

There is another view expressed by Union Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes. "This should serve as a warning for the managements. It is my appeal to the managements that the workers should be dealt with compassion,"

To this expression an Indian bloger and award winner writes at India uncut “Foolish, foolish me”.

This is what the Governments do all the time. 

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