Friday, September 26, 2008

Tax on dog bites by Chandra

There is every reason to ask pattern of governments spending because it has been collected from people of this country.

There is interesting article in Economic Times by LUBNA KABLY.

 “Jacques J J Soudan, pointed out, “These days you have to pick up your dog’s droppings. Yet, you still pay this tax, perhaps for the noise pollution!” 

And further

“Simon Hamer, from UK, has the last word: “I’m absolutely wholly against inheritance tax, you save all your life to look after your kids’ futures, only to have a huge lump of it taken away by the taxmen” who don’t productive as you and I can.

For instance just see “According to the September 30, 2007 status report of the Ministry of Programme Implementation, out of 897 projects, 276 suffered cost over-runs with an anticipated cost of Rs 1,42,227 crore as against the original estimate of Rs 95,913 crore, which is a 48 per cent increase!


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