Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who toed whose line?

T. C. A. SRINIVASA-RAGHAVAN asks perhaps good question “Why is it that if India has an approach to something, Indian economists wait for it to be validated by the West before they accept it? Indeed, why do they attack the Indians who advocate that view before such validation is bestowed by the West? I genuinely believe that the Finance Ministry, which funded the Mistry report, and the Planning Commission, which funded the Raghuram Rajan report, have some serious explaining to do. As indeed do the economists who toed their line and kept up LeT like attacks on the RBI.

I also hunch that partly or fully TCA knows the answer as his is a veteran of Indian economist’s views. But there are groupism views in India like he has been advocating Dr Reddy rule of Central Bank. 

At least it is not surprising me when he says "approach to something" and “they will land you in trouble” when ourselves prepared to land in trouble like the one ‘socialism’.

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