Friday, March 13, 2009

Professor who don’t Self-update their knowledge are “walking dead bodies”

Again it is not surprise to me at least, when I was student of economics in Madras University my guiding professor teaches a subject ‘Economic Growth and Development’. Unfortunately, he could not teach us about why and how Professor B R Shenoy wrote a ‘dissent note’ to the second five year plan of India. What was his macro view of Indian economy at that time and what he had suggested? 

In another interaction I asked my professor who did not Indian economics professor were not aware of different ideas like the one Austrian Economics, for instance? His answer was “different ideas exist in different part of the world”. So simply he managed to escape the situation. 

I asked one of my professor who taught statistics for economists in our undergraduate course, did he ever heard about Austrian Economics his answer was “yes” but never taught us about those people’s ideas and contribution. The other reason that he told us was that these ideas was not part of our syllabus. 

In the course we were forced to learn all kind of muddled socialism. The terrible is it still prolongs in every department of economics in India.

Mr S. S. TARAPORE who was in RBI and writes in today’s Business Line newspaper. “In India, we have scant interest in economic history and thereby are unable to learn from the mistakes of the past”…… and “most Indian economists would be unaware of this important report.”  

My other professor who taught us public finance used to asks us whether we read newspaper daily or not. When we don’t he simply called us “walking dead bodies”. Somehow I applied this logic to a few professors in the department who never ever wrote a research paper during their 20-30 year professor career. This is only one example think of hundred of universities around the country.  

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