Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks to dismal science of economics

When every body talks about big spending including in India of course these people don’t understand all other alternatives to revive the economy, and some suggest that the only way left us is to continuously remind them. So that in the course, they will start thinking what has been told and untold to them. Here liberal economist Christopher Lingle writes in The Japan Times “Once again the laws of men are being implemented to supersede economic laws that require much price and wage adjustment during a recession so that markets can clear. This clearing serves the best interests of the overall community by enabling unemployed labor and misused capital assets to be put to productive and profitable use. Only then can there be a sustainable economic recovery”.


What is look more strangely is the children and student who try to learn economics with open mind, but taught all dismal side economics without showing the alternative method to think.


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