Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Need 100 per cent law abiding citizen…………

There is interview in the rediff with Tamil Nadu actor turned politician “Popularly known as S Ve Shekher, he shares his mobile number with all the residents of his constituency and is always accessible to them. 

He recently created a flutter when he announced his decision to resign from the AIADMK. He also submitted a memorandum to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on March 30, asking for seven per cent reservation for the Brahmin community”. 

The following are excerpts: 

“Are you planning to resign from the AIADMK? 

Definitely. Now, I will give a memorandum to the chief minister asking for seven per cent reservation for the Brahmin community (he submitted it on March 30). If the government appoints a committee, I will resign from the Mylapore constituency. In a by-election, it is always the ruling party that wins. 

Why do you feel Brahmins need reservation in Tamil Nadu? 

Why should they not get reservation? In Tamil Nadu, 69 per cent of the people get reservation and ninety five per cent of people enjoy some kind of reservation except the forward community. Where is social justice? There are over 40 lakh Brahmins in Tamil Nadu. It is the government's duty to give equal opportunities to everyone. Brahmins have been eliminated, insulted and sidelined in so many ways. You cannot punish people for what happened over 50-60 years ago. 

Now that you are talking to the press about your decision to quit, what is the feedback that you are getting from your party chief? 

You don't know the AIADMK. Once the party starts ignoring you, they don't bother about what you do. 

Usually, people switch parties when they have some case regsistered against them. I have never been booked for anything -- not even for riding double on a bicycle. I am an MLA but I don't go in the opposite direction on a one-way street, I don't park in a no-parking zone. I am a 100 per cent law abiding citizen.  

Once I decide to quit, I will send a letter to the party supremo and I will conduct a sms poll on the decision. I will hold a public meeting in my constituency as I feel I have a responsibility to the people who voted for me. At the public meeting, I will tell the people how I joined the party, why I am resigning and what I will do now”.

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