Monday, March 16, 2009

It is a myth…….

Yes, I mean With the launch of the republic in 1950, India’s political class had agreed to integrate Dalits into mainstream society and its economy.” 

Secondly, the recent ET editorial is an example:

  • The net result is more than 60 years after Independence less than one in 10 MPs or MLAs in India is a woman. According to PRS Legislative Research, women accounted for less than 7% the total MLAs in 28 states and two Union territories and little over 9 % of the total number of MPs in the last Lok Sabha.  
  • But having said that, it is nothing but hypocrisy when a political class that regards reservation as an answer to social discrimination suffered by SCs, STs, and now OBCs,

We do not know the actual percentage of SCs, STs MLAs, MPs from each major political party.

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