Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Final chance for (to) whom…..?

Now, Mr Nandan Nilekani is a gust blogger and he says how wrongly-it seems to be cut short vision. 

The Indian economy is going to play a major role- no matter how the ups and down. No doubt few will play like a king maker-and the blood shade will make easer for pink newspaper editor for their head line news. It does not surprise to me at least who is going to be terrible, good or bad policy maker for at least next five years. Many elections came and gone. History has shown how many representatives have had voted Bills which are not in interest of people who have elected them. 

What is called prime resource now was called walking dead bodied at least a few years ago. I mean the population in general and the young age population in particular. No doubt the truth will triumph with its own time. Those who have questioned wrongly about the unproductive population now premise to save or attempt to make them productive. I mean the “demographic dividend”. 

Mr Nilekani says in front of the coming general election “Without quick action the demographic 'dividend' could well turn out to be a demographic 'disaster'. The next five years is our final chance”.

I do aware that nowhere Mr Nilekani said population is a problem including in his Imagining India book, which I read this January. 

Four years ago my M.Phil theses professor said during one of our class discussion. I said many studies have shown that the Public Distribution System is dysfunctional in India. And only 10 or some percent of ration reaches the poor people or targeted ones. The rest is smuggled in between politicians and government official hands. He said the 10or some percent is great achievement of PDS system we should welcome it! 

So this is how the UPA has given Job guarantee scheme which is unproductive, in the last five years, many have already questioned the UPA government achievements. Mr Nilekani put it differently “….they have in essence, done everything short of what is truly necessary” and ….”We have stumbled badly in the last several years when it has come to creating organized sector jobs and expanding access to education and skills training to the people who need it”. 

It is also true that when we all looking election after election what our government can do for us from unimagined taxes that it collects from us but we all failed to realize what it can not do, really. Indeed. The world has shown us the several other alternatives to development good society. Are our elected representatives ready to learn? The answer is no as the history has shown. 

In sum, there is no such thing as a “final chance”. Instead we must believe that every criminal who got elected in our democratic system should get no more chance to fool us. In other words, we must make fool of them not as business but in every walk of life. When I say this I stuck with the kind of police and court system we have now, will that save our life or the criminal life? 

Voting system will never tell that but everybody hope for that day and say look our democracy is living here.

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