Thursday, March 26, 2009

The holy trinity c-o-w-s……..

Well, this is as usual election time, but in different time. Many things have changed except the Darkness India which lives outside the domain of every policy maker, leader, official’s mindset.   

Nevertheless, Chacha Manmohan Singh has tried his best to do in the last five years like an open mind child trying to learn and do in primary school (class one to five). I am sure he will get pass mark for last five years but I am not sure whether this will help him to enter his sixth class. 

One outside Darkness teacher says all the “good men” become ‘bad men’ at the end of the five years term except Chacha Manmohan Singh. People in Darkness still do not know what these good men turned bad men did for them. It’s not the mistake of these Darkness people but it might be a big mistake of these good men turned bad men. 

No matter how bad men all these persons but they are all good friend in their past and future life.

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