Friday, April 3, 2009

Banana economists…….

T. C. A. Srinivasa-Raghavan is trained from Delhi School of Economics and he has lots of friends still over there. He says in his column in Business Line which is something interesting and questioning his friend’s works perhaps his own works also!

Take his recent column in which he says “...this is very much the case with the demand for economics courses. The best and the brightest, 90 per cent of the time, go off into the pure sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Those who can’t make it into these courses, often end up in economics.

As more students pass out of schools, and the number of seats in the pure sciences, mathematics, and engineering grows only slowly, there is a natural increase in the demand for economics. This much is simple”.

Of course seldom people takes serious about the advancement of any subject, like the one now is economics on which T C A has been dewing for quite some time. And I have been taking note it. Because the only reason which I employ is ‘open mind’. 

To be precise for me it is not only interesting to read the questioning style of his writings but the way he puts things in unfolding ideas of economics. 

“Sure, there are nonsense in his writings may be occasionally” as my friend Jayakamal use to describe.   

T C A has been questioning the whole body of economics development since 1970s. His focuses has also shifted from macro economics to other area as he writes in recent column “Through clever research funding economists were persuaded to ask questions that had not only been already asked and answered but also which had no real answers. Growth theory and development economics are excellent examples of this but almost all of economics is like this.

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