Friday, April 3, 2009

The State, after all a Public Good

Kiran Karnik says in his Economic Times article “In India, as in much of the world, we have witnessed nearly two decades of steady de-regulation. Many controls have been dismantled and government has stepped out of some areas. The private sector has been permitted into many previously-closed sectors and has even attained dominance — aviation and mobile telephony are good examples. Even in areas like education and health-care, the government has been playing an ever-smaller role. The influence of corporate leaders within government has vastly increased and government has, clearly, been on the wane.” 

That is not the case wherever government has “dismantled” its nose is still keeping for smelling the taste for its own ‘evil’. In fact it is interesting to see how private agency is also becoming more ‘evil’ for example the Satyam case. Why does Satyam Company do such a bad mistake which will cost much more than the company aims to achieve in short term profit? Think of its employee and their family, already there is a new that about 16000 employees left the company. 

Think of US financial crisis, why do companies don’t take precaution about dangerous actions and then ask government to help their balance sheet on which the government had no business in the past. Why to government give helpline for these companies by funding tax payer’s money and mad printing. 

Only one reason may be valid to think more than twice is the case of employee of that company. If the government does not help the employee of that particular company will be in dangerous situation, it may lead to cost many lives also. 

All is ok, why do these so called companies top management take such a causal look on their ‘decisions’ or their precise actions? 

It is not only who mad the situation in US and other counties but it is Perfect Time think about Private Property of Decision Making in big corporations. 

So it is absurdly to think at least at this point of time that the “state has dismantled”.

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