Friday, April 3, 2009

Prof Kaushik Basu’s dogma

According to Wikipedia and “The U.S. State department in 1976 estimated that there may have been a million killed in the land reform, 800,000 killed in the counterrevolutionary campaign.[20] Mao himself claimed that a total of 700,000 people were executed during the years 1949–53.[21] However, because there was a policy to select "at least one landlord, and usually several, in virtually every village for public execution",[22] the number of deaths range between between 2 million and 5 million.[23][24] In addition, at least 1.5 million people were sent to"reform through labour" camps.[25] Mao’s personal role in ordering mass executions is undeniable.[26][27] He defended these killings as necessary for the securing of power.[28]

Now it is unsurprising to me when Mr Kaushik Basu says notoriously in his recent column that “during the deep Communist period of Mao, China had had stretches of remarkable growth. During 1964-66 and 1969-71, it grew at over 16 per cent per annum. What was special to the period of deep Communism was the occurrence of recessions. In 1961, China's output declined by 27 per cent; there was another deep recession in the mid-1960s. In contrast, during the period of market-oriented policies, there were no downturns. No other nation in the world has seen the kind of sustained growth that China has achieved over the last three decades.” 

Though I respect his opinion but how long an open mined person like me can or should tolerate? And how people these misleading idea will kill in future? 

I have no idea.

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