Monday, April 13, 2009

All lips service is OK, but show me the reforms…

Yes, we have to ask ourselves first that did Dr Singh has done anything on education reform meaningfully? 

Shiv Visvanathan, writes “…. what is wonderful about Singh is his concern and compassion, the fact that he listens. He is not a gladiator. He appears gentle, even thoughtful. This does not mean he lacks courage, merely the bravado that goes with it. 

This is why Singh’s response dubbed as uncharacteristic was unfortunate. He succumbed to the false politics of masculinity evoked by the word security. He is not a Modi or an Advani infusing a militaristic sensibility into civilian life. 

One would argue that he should stay this way, avoiding jingoism, machismo or the rituals of a clichéd masculinity. India’s response to terror and violence has not mimicked it. In this lies our sanity.   

Let’s not make ourselves fool!

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