Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keynes solution unlikely to do so

These are good questions actually but bad time to ask for action.

T. C. A. SRINIVASA-RAGHAVAN writes “After all, why should a taxpayer be made to pay for the mistakes of some bad decisions by directors? Even if there was a genuine error of judgment about the likely business environment, why should the cost of helping them out fall on the taxpayer when he or she was not sharing the benefits when the times were good?

True, a person could have become a shareholder, but that would have meant exercising a choice, which is right. But now taxpayers are not being allowed to do so. Whether they like it or not, their money is being given away to small groups of persons, some of whom may well have avoided or evaded taxes and, thus, become richer than those who paid their taxes”.

Except the above questions all other questions the author asked in the article was clear in the public debate.

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