Monday, December 8, 2008

Need genuine one or secular one

Meghnad Desai writes in the FE that no doubt honestly serving the people in their own humble ways. I don’t even mind their corruption, if they would only deliver the simplest public goods. But no such luck. What is to be done?” 

This is how corruption is granted like “take it easy” by an economists of this country. 

But it must be noted when he says “There is no political party today which is both genuinely secular and sound on economics. Swatantra was there in the sixties and seventies but was cannibalised by Janata and BJP. India badly needs a right of centre political party which will do what is needed—ensure a government which is at least a good nightwatchman. 

No party has commanded a majority of those voting, let alone the electorate since independence. Still governments claim that they have a mandate, to flout the constitution and abridge fundamental rights in the name of some flimsy ideology of socialism. Indira Gandhi laid the foundations of this tragedy by her arbitrary rule. Let us have proportional representation and strict limits on executive power as exists all over continental Europe”.

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