Friday, December 5, 2008

Vote bank means middle class but all politicians are top class not by virtue

Abhinav Kumar is a police officer and writes the length and breath of the Indian police system. Especially after every incident that happened the present one focuses on law makers and their expertise, resources allocation, etc. the below are notable. 

  • …..out of the 25 odd officers of joint secretary rank and above in the ministry of home affairs (MHA), only two of them are professional police officers with any field experience, and their real influence on policy making is debatable. Other nerve centres of the decision making structure, namely the PMO and the cabinet secretariat are equally bereft of professional internal security expertise. 
  • As a policeman, I cannot help but feel growing rage and anger at the repeated assaults on the idea of India. If Mumbai 26/11 is able to create a national mood for effecting the changes outlined above in a time bound manner, it would be the most apt tribute to all the innocents who lost their lives. Otherwise it would be business as usual.

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