Friday, December 19, 2008

I do not 'get' Joseph Stiglitz

Mike Moffatt writesI have read a number of his academic articles and followed his media appearances over the years and I cannot see for the life of me what other economists see in him. It is not an ideological thing - in the sense of understanding why they are well respected I get Hayek, I get Krugman, I get Prescott, I get Schumpeter, I get Veblen. I even get Gunnar Myrdal. But everytime I hear or read Stiglitz, I usually end up cringing”. 

Some of the comments posted in response to above post are worthwhile: 

Ben says Krugman is an idiot when it comes to economics. 

Marteen says I could not finish Stiglitz’s book, Globalization and its Discontents. After about a quarter through it I just had to put it down because it was like singing, “100 bottles of beer.” After get to 95 bottles of beer, it ceases to be enjoyable. It seemed that Stiglitz just went over the same theme again and again. 

Green says Unfortunatly Stiglitz has blurred the line between the social sciences- this is most definatly a mistake.

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