Saturday, June 21, 2008

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My mind musing goes often like this, when India was ruled by other then present Indian, people were blamed on rulers, still blaming story is fresh. How present elected government rulers are different from those? Why blame mania exist like hay on the common street where the market function by the virtue of man.
One senior economic journalist wrote very interesting interpretation no matter how one muse with some ideas told by teacher both in the class room and outside lay man teacher.
“Look around you, and you will see why India” adopted socialist pattern of centralized economic system instead of least free market tag line. “Thanks to non-governance for nearly a decade, no one, just absolutely no one, has any clue as to what is going on in the country”.
The rest is Line and Length in which TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan writes. A few paragraphs here.
Take the economy first. Is Inflation high? Yes. Should interest rates increase? Yes. Would that slow growth down? Yes. But does it? No, sir, it doesn't. Why? We don't know? Black money effect? We don't know. Does anyone know? No, sir
Or take agricultural growth. Is it a cause for concern? Don't be silly, of course it is. Then how come agricultural growth has been the healthiest at almost 4 per cent in several years? No one knows. Base effect? Maybe, maybe not, we don't know.
Consider the fiscal situation. Is it bad? The finance minister says no but everyone else says yes. The combined deficit of the centre and states will touch 10 per cent soon. True or false? No one knows for sure. Does it matter? No one knows for sure.
Infrastructure: Has it improved? No, yes, maybe, again no one knows. Monetary policy: Sensible, stupid, delivering results? No one knows. Exchange rate policy: Good, bad, idiotic? Depends on who you ask. Employment: Up, down, stagnant? No one knows. Why, the Planning Commission hasn't got the 11 th Plan out yet and it has been beavering away for four years now.
One can go on and on like this but the point should be clear: Even after allowing for the usual amount of nonsense in a democracy, India takes the cake when it comes to not having the foggiest about its whereabouts.
Focusless, directionless, leaderless, governanceless, mindlessly and senselessly, India is stumbling along. Sooner than later, it will take a tumble, a bad one at that.
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