Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welfare Just cost odd VOTES! By Chandra

In India, one of today’s most influential political science expert is Pratap Bhanu Mehta who often comment on strange stuck of politics at different sort of episodes that comes nonstop since the ugly man find the word politics as a part of mankind no matter how it is debated and where and when it bites!
Today there is a piece in The Indian Express on “Modi’s secession?” of course it is not all about him. What he argues is all about the power between Centre or Union and States. Instead of writing “Modi has raised a serious issue” Mehta have understood poor muse.
Let’s see one by one first we will take position of what the Constitution of India Stand, whatever the legitimate action taken by both States and Centre are to help the individual citizen of this country to generate a faire amount of wealth creation. This wealth creation is no different o other individual who is also well under the same law in same territory of India.
What the States and Centre did since the independence of this country? Mr Mehta writes “In the past, patently absurd schemes undertaken in the name of regional equality, like freight equalisation, left poor states irrevocably more impoverished. And before India’s richer states get too self-assured that their prosperity rests on self-sufficient foundations, it is worth reminding them how it was based on all kinds of impoverishments inflicted on poor states”.
First all the schemes are not for wealth creation instead of vote creation to bring another election etc etc.
There is nothing called regional equality.
There is nothing called poor States and rich States ban the word ‘State’ promise the word ‘Man’ is poor by State coercive power.
No State ever become Self sufficient or self assured in the history in anything of what is called human needs.
It is political murder to votes for saying “The poor states feel cheated anyway”.
Another lobby point “is greater accountability. The Centre will hold the states accountable. But under present circumstances, we have the worst of both worlds. On the one hand, the Centre consistently overestimates its power to hold the states accountable. On the other hand, greater centralisation impedes the creation of horizontal accountability within states. In the final analysis, state governments can be held accountable only by their electorates, not by some vertical oversight imposed from the top”.

When the politicians demand votes by the cost of accountability and all that? And the argument goes “it has not led to mechanisms for strengthening the collective dialogue amongst states”.

Every collective action of State is become biggest hurdle for the individual who is in interest of creating wealth. Precisely State is=STEAL men wealth!
The State which ensure individual freedom, private property right and free trade is must be encouraged.

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