Friday, June 13, 2008

The Muse of Decisive Mix! by Chandra

This is my Book Review and interesting thoughts and many muse, i fully enjoyed.
The Funda of Mix-ology what bartending teaches that IIM doesn’t by Mainak Dhar, Published by Srishti publishers & Distributors, Rs.100

It was around 4.30 on April 3rd, 2008. My new friend Neetu called me, it was unexpected call, but I was about to think, it may be for April fool! Though two days over. It was not. But interesting call! She showed me a book and asked how is it I was mum-cum but murmuring myself, what must be there in it. Quickly I just gone through the author’s brief bio, it perhaps for young minds I said. She simple looked at me with nice smile but both were in puzzle.

As I am always fond of reading liked books, I asked her to issue this book to me but she did not, because she already planned to return it to library and issue another book for some one else, my hope to read, has gone almost terribly, because, I may live without food for some time but not without the book that I liked to read. So I return to my work place without telling a word to her but smiled. What hope is left to dream further?

I was merely busy with my works, to complete on time and get out of office but no way until 8.30 pm and freed from office but on the way to go home I saw, Neetu has not returned the book which I liked very much but blindly at that time, but she was suppose to return the book but did not. My goodness I revisited my hope to get the book and read, I was mystified and felt stupid to take that book without her knowledge and read 7 chapters out of 14. By the time it was, around 2.30 am, I could see how I traveled with author’s interesting life for about four hours I did it and slept good sleep.

I woke up in the morning, it was 8 am, got read ready, came to office, before Neetu came, I still not informed her the book is with me, but she asked when she came to office, is the book with you? Yes I said, but she again smiled and said I wanted to return the book by 10.30 or 11 am. I was murmuring about the word ‘return’ but I was still happy to complete the reading with her notice dead timeline. I did it by around 1 pm when I finished my useful reading I thanked to Neetu….. What a humor but that was!

After reading ever chapter, I thought that I should write a full review about the book, but after the complete reading felt that, I have no view left to write, except to state the proactive, generous and make to work individual’s life with their own muse for action is that the great job which I am going to do here. The book has 14 chapters across 148 pages. Each chapter start with a good lucid poem which I believe is worth reading than splitting something from each chapter.

What is more interesting was the author, his musings in life of technology out of his professional career in private Organisation and the predatory State of Government in which his father worked for his whole life, I really like this line, as the author writes that “I wanted to do more with my life than slave for a corporate or the government all my life” (p. 87).

It should be noted, that his father worked with Government for long time and retired. Author note that his father’s life income and saving was just two or three years yearning of his income and saving, how much have changed so much, but the conclusion of book says that there are only mixing up. You may think at back side of your mind that what is all about that mix-up, it is you to decide and be decisive for your life nobody else can ever do or did that.

Albeit, still you perhaps attempt to muse that the Government is doing good for poor it is bullshit. Why it works because it impose tax from individuals like you and me for that it try’s to do something but fails at every step! Would we need any more attempt to do more the answer is no, let’s you try to muse why you on this land for what and be decisive for your life, never for other nor other for your life!

Let’s go ahead to read the following interesting muse! It’s not so check it? The inspiration to dedicate the book goes with the below lines:
‘My muse, my inspiration and the love of my life’

An ode to Ennui
Ennui envelops me
in its comforting arms,
as I sink into a world
of pleasant nothingness.

The illusion is shattered,
ringing phones, fill in-boxes,
and I return to this world,
leaving ennui behind.

But it remains in wait
faithful to the end,
and I long to return,
to my ennui’s arms.

Lost in the Mob
A thousand voiceless faces,
cast in the same mold,
silently urging you
to do as you’re told.

A thousand faceless voices
speak in the same tone,
urging you to suppress
the song of your own.

Fight to rise above the mob
for when all is told and done,
all you really have to show
is the little individuality you’ve won.

Reality Bites
Reality bites
with jagged teeth,
lacerated illusions
dreams that bleed.

Bandages of fantasy
to ease the pain,
dreading the moment
when reality bites again.

Fallen Angel
C4ast away, spiralling down,
flapping wings that have been shorn.
What was yours original sin?
or did you just dare look within?

Beyond the façade they made
meant to be blindly obeyed.

And where those really wings of flight
or just fetters to bind you tight?

Calm before the Storm
A lazy, clam breeze
soothes in the early morn.

A harbringer of food tides,
or the lull before the storms?

The pristine iceberg tip,
to gaze at in wonder.
Jagged edges hidden within,
tear the unwary asunder.

The ever-convenient façade,
hides real intents within.
For the darkest of despair,
disappears behind a simple grin.

Wanderer in a Strange Land
The whole world seems transformed,
across the oceans that I fly.
for the only constant I can see,
are the stars in the night sky.

All else has shifted so much,
life a line in the desert sand,
reminding me that all I really am,
is a wanderer in a strange land.

The Place Where Memories Die
A moment frozen in time,
fading ever so surely.
Replaced by something much colder,
Bust much more pragmatic.

Idealism nailed on a cross of cynicism,
appears briefly lie the stigmata.
But you are not a messiah
for you cannot save even your own soul.

Bartered for a pound of flesh,
sold for a handful of dreams,
Remaining but a forgotten promise,
in the place where memories die.

Face the mirror
Childhood years spent imagining,
infinite possibilities ahead.
Little time or thought given,

to the path you really want to tread.
Youth of disappearing choices,
things you can never be or have,

Till one day you see in the mirror,
a stranger staring back.

Rest of your life spent reconciling,
the chasm in your mind,
between the face in mirror,
and the dreams you left behind.

Flowers on the Roadside
Stumbling along the road of life,
exploring new paths, yearning for those
long lost in the mists of time,
Searching for a place called fame

Callused soles tired feet,
scorching glare of the ego’s Sun,
but still charting the paths ahead,
searching for a place called success

Never stopping, never looking,
searching for a place called wealth.
A broken sign on the road reads
Did you see the flowers on the roadside?

10. Things Unsaid
The greatest pain that can afflict,
comes not from gun or knife,
but from indivisible demons within,
gnawing away at you all your life.

The greatest grief you can feel,
comes not from illness or death,
but from the emptiness within,
of things that remain unsaid.

11. The Book of Life
Dog-eared covers,
enclose fading text,
missing pages I seek,
unknown chapters ahead

Writing my dreams,
in the blank pages ahead,
line after line filled,
with hopes in my head.

It may well change,
like chalk on slate,
but at least I’ll know,
the author was me, not fate.

12 Intimation of Mortality
Your whole life spent planning,
things not yet done and said,
dreams yet life unfulfilled,
for the years that lay ahead.

But what if fall you had,
was just one solitary day,
in which to live your dreams.
in which to have your say?

Would you go down quietly,
like the slowly setting sun?
or would you shine one last day.
as if the day’s just begun?

13 Homecoming
A journey through time and space,
prying to bridge the miles and years,
between where I find myself,
and a place I used to call home.

Hello shells of brick and stone,
shadows of ghosts that were friends,
the closer I am to where I was,
the more a stranger am I to myself.

14. Mix it up!
I drank of the cup of my life,
and found bitterness in every sip,
the sweet taste of happiness,
seemingly never touching may lip

I swirled the cup and saw,
many hues and flavors within,
never seen and tasted before,
as I hadn’t seen beyond the brim.

The secret to my happiness lay,
not in seeking another cup,
but taking the one I had,
and just mixing it up!

I hope you have decided to mix-up, never forget that the muse to make action is to make the actionable life but with mix. The decisive life is just need two things: hard efforts and honest action in your life is the only root-cause to enrich your self development as a matured human being to live. Many thanks to Neetu because she gave me the book for next few days, I really enjoyed the good reading. How Neetu has changed! Read the book and mix-up your life!


Ashok said...

Chandra, chanced upon your blog. I also really liked this book and have been recommending it to all my friends. I only wonder how it is doing- without hype and hoopla nowadays, sometimes gems like this can lie undiscovered.


Chandra said...

Thanks Ashok for your interest and posting comment

Yes what you are saying is true, in fact being studied economics, especially Indian economy, I often find that many people still do not discover about the fact which B R Shoney emphasized in 1956! Even Indian economist too!