Saturday, June 21, 2008

Parents and students scrutinizes Teacher performance by Chandra

It is the best system to monitor the teacher is performance through children and parents satisfaction of learning instead the other way around.
In Chandigarh, there is innovative but not shocking one. I have pasted the whole story here.

Students to decide fate of teachers on contract By Dhara Katoch/TNN
Chandigarh: UT education department has come out with an assessment report of its SSA teachers working on contracts, which, interestingly, has been done by students of government schools. The initiative, undertaken by the UT education department, is first of its kind. According to Saroj Mittal, assistant director (vocational education), “We have covered 70% of rural and urban schools (both model and non-model) of the city.” She added, “We have decided to conceal students’ identity in order to avoid any kind of harassment by their teachers later,” she said. The department has received around 400 assessment forms from some of the schools and the analyses of which has already started. The assessment is being done under strict supervision of the counsellors. This will make chances of child being pressurized by teachers or school authorities very bleak, informed DPI(S) official. “The required action to be taken against the teacher will be decided only after thoroughly analyzing the report. Moreover, the renewal of the contract of SSA teachers will also depend on their assessment and points they have earned,” said SK Setia, DPI(S). While department officials are of the view that the idea will be helpful enough, the concept has not really been an impressive one for a few teachers. Sudesh Kaur, lecture, GMSSSS, Sector 8 said, “I don’t think it’s a great idea on the part of the department. How can students assess their teachers. They can be biased while giving feedback. It’s fine at the senior secondary level but not for the younger lot.” She suggested that senior teachers or officials from outside could visit different schools and assess the teachers. However, Sunita Kapoor, senior counsellor said, I’ve personally worked on the assessment project and it is a huge success. Students are satisfied and teachers have also realized that now they have to work hard.”

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