Saturday, June 21, 2008

The sucked motion which is unscientific by Chandra

The philosophy of hike of strikes should be too productive of labour insecurity. But what is being preached in Indian muddled thinner rather fatter CPM leaders is tragedy for masses.

“By calling a 12-hour bandh, the CPM brought everything and everyone to a standstill. People couldn't go to offices,
schools, hospitals. They couldn't fly because the airport was shut; they couldn't die because the crematoria were shut, and they couldn't get born because the maternity clinics were closed. Total stasis.

The bandh - as perfected by the CPM - is India's answer to what has long been the
holy grail for philosophers and scientists: the perpetual motion machine. The CPM's counterblast to the perpetual motion machine is the bandh: the perpetually motionless machine. The Marxist reasoning is simple. Why is fuel so expensive, and getting more so by the day? Because there is more and more demand for it. Because people want to use fuel - in buses, two-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, cars, trucks, planes, trains - to gad about hither and thither, doing footling things like going to work to earn a livelihood, and going to school to get educated, and going to hospital to get cured, and similar piffle. All you have to do is to stop all such pointless activity. Bring everything to a grinding halt. And bingo. With people deterred - on pain of physical chastisement - from buzzing about here and there - jobs, schools, hospitals, etc - using all those fuel-guzzling buses, cars, planes, trains etc, there'll be no further demand for fuel. And so no more fuel crisis.

By eliminating the need for fuel, you not only eliminate fuel price hikes but you ensure fuel cost savings: the money which you'd literally have burnt on fuel which you've saved, because of the CPM. Now the CPM should take its policy to its logical conclusion and effect a 24x7, 365-days-a-year national bandh”.

It is worth read think over it whether we need new way of strike if at all it get sucked our livelihood earning
. Read full article here.

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