Saturday, June 21, 2008

People feed themselves no technology of government need to handspun by Chandra

Environmentalism is good business as well. It is illusory in economics understanding that government feed people, rather other way around, through taxes. Indian liberal politician Sharad Joshi writes “There is a lot of hue and cry about climate change and global warming, though nobody is very clear what it really means”. That is true but “A couple of decades earlier, there were similar tirades against “capitalist” growth by the Communists and fellow-travellers, who argued that growth in a capitalist economy was bound to suffer from intermittent cyclical depressions and economic crises”.
As I said earlier in one post, is worth to read some ideas from well experienced people like him. “The Communists who, in their heyday, ridiculed Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi as obscurantist charlatans, have taken to professing environmentalism after the fall of the Soviet Union. When Stalin lived and ruled, these very people championed the cause of establishing a Communist global hegemony as a legitimate revolutionary aspiration. Now, they are opposed even to the establishment of a set of rules of international trade under the World Trade Organisation.
Even if the fears of the environmentalists of an impending doomsday look like materialising, human ingenuity is capable of coping with it. Already, plans are afoot to create an artificial sundial in space to soften the effect of solar radiation.
Neighbouring planets are being explored with a view to finding a congenial environment for the settlement of generations to come. In fact, human ingenuity is such that, as Ayn Rand put it, even if the Sun itself were to collapse, human beings would be able to replace it with a Sun of their own creation.Malthus predicted widespread epidemics and famines in a situation where the supply of land was constant and the population increased in geometric proportion. He was proved false by technological innovations that permitted citizens of today to eat more and better than his forefathers did.
When the evil effects of technologies start manifesting, man has usually found a way to overcome them by innovating further towards a more advanced technology. Humanity will take the problem in its stride and find ways of overcoming them. Humanity lives by its more innovative and enterprising members. Human ingenuity is limitless. There is no doubt that each innovation may create some new problems. But those problems, one can be sure, will be overcome by man’s ingenuity”.
The full article is here. It is double worth to read with open mind.

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