Friday, January 30, 2009

Good, bad, the worst newspapers in India

This January ends with two important changes in Indian print media. 

Vir Sanghvi saysthe best was Business Standard where the irresponsibility of junior reporters was over-ruled by experienced senior journalists who double-checked every story and carried only the facts……….. the worst was Mint ---- ironic because I am a columnist ---- which managed to get basic details wrong, running biased and inaccurate reports and then following them up with a series of wildly speculative (always attributed to "a source close to the situation") stories which (long after I had left and other NewsX issues were being featured) nearly always demonstrated a total misunderstanding of the situation. 

And Ashok V Desai says “different newspapers have been trying out different formulae for survival. Amongst financial newspapers, Economic Times tries to combine entertainment with news. Business Line compensates for its inadequate news coverage by having weightier editorial pages. Business Standard tries to cover company news, backed by systematic coverage of the stock market. Financial Express has not yet found its core strength. None of them has the comprehensive coverage or quality of Wall Street Journal or Financial Times”. 

If any one is reading with keen observation will find the above conclusion. 

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