Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Directly pour money in the hands of people!

Kishore Biyani says

  • “The Chinese had drawn up a massive bill, largely funded by tax payers’, to be spent by the government itself in boosting the economic activity. Taiwan, on the other hand, decided to give back some money to its citizens to spend by themselves, thereby creating demand for products in local markets, which in turn could boost economic activity and job creation. 
  • Under a new policy announced in December 2008, the island’s 23 million people regardless of age or wealth were given 3,600 Taiwan dollars or around $165 as shopping vouchers. “The programme is aimed at boosting the economy and is expected to contribute to a 0.64% increase in 2009 GDP,” explained Premier Liu Chao-shiuan. 
  • The core belief behind this programme was government spending is not effective due to leakages and delay in execution, whereas private spending is far more efficient in boosting economic activity, creating demand for goods and services and raising employment levels. The idea of the voucher and stimulating growth through private consumption has been powerful enough for even the governments of Japan and Germany to consider such a move”.   

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