Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who get easy access to ideas?

In there is a list of people who are influencing India in which it says that “India does not have easy points of reference for compiling a list, like a domestic Eton and Oxbridge (though Doon/Mayo and St Stephen’s might like to think otherwise), gentleman’s clubs (India International Centre may be a surrogate, but you cannot inherit membership there), and landed gentry (the only maharajahs who count are those in politics). And we used some key tests to whittle down from a long initial list, excluding those in high office today because that would be stating the obvious”.

In fact it further says “Then there are the grey eminences who have star power wherever they go, and who can help settle contentious issues (as APJ Abdul Kalam did on the nuclear deal, or Jyoti Basu). And people who wield power behind the scenes, while the Khan trio and sundry actresses traipse across the silver screen—film moghuls like Yash Chopra who would constitute the Establishment of the film world”.

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