Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shameful legacy

Kaushik Basu writes in the Outlook (Why) “ the rich more and subsidise the poor” if that is the case, the revive of government created slavery which is a government funded death penalty will amount to cascade rather to enrich the ‘poor’. Best example is the malfunctioning India’s subsidy system. It is sad that Mr Basu has paid little attention to this big issue. And in once sense it is not surprise to see because he is also student of Mr Sen. 

However, he concludes that “that Obama spoke about redistributing wealth. I do not think he will be able to do much in this area, but if such a call from an American president causes a shift in public opinion, that could well clear the way for a more equitable and better world.      

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Sauvik said...

all government activity is essentially "redistributive" - beginning with the inflation tax.

i think the poor should be politically instructed to uphold their rights to whatever they own - and not to fall for this "false philanthropy."