Friday, November 21, 2008

Minuscule number of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anant G Nadkarni writes in ET meaning of just right in companies. The following are paragraphs are from his article which is worthy remembering at least for some reasons. 

  • “… the turn of the century 51 out of the hundred highest revenue-generating institutions in the world were business corporations not nation states! 
  • In the next three years 51 became seventy-four!    
  •  that the world’s three richest people had personal wealth more than the combined GDP of over 30 poor nations! 
  • How can one believe now that capitalism can ever become ‘compassionate’, ‘natural’ or ‘transformational’?  
  • First of all some stunning figures: 20,000 companies in Japan are more than a hundred years old, 1,200 of them more than 200 years, 600 over 300 years, 30 companies 500 and more, five more than a thousand years and one is fourteen hundred years!  
  • let us not lose sight of the basic purpose of business, service to create well-being, now confronting right in the face of our unchanging ‘self-interest for insatiable personal gain’!

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