Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The political endorsement

In India and abroad, some of so called or they only called as liberal or unbiased now become a leader of fallacy and taken economics as religion to promote what they believe rather the facts that speak in the true sense of economics science.

Consider the below endorsements:

Absurdly no required for Proof to prove Mr Surjit S Bhalla is a socialist bunker says “It will mark yet another turning point in American, and world, history. In my view, world financial markets will welcome this change, as will the world. There should be a huge peace dividend with Obama’s election, a dividend not only from past wars, but future wars averted. This is not to say that because Obama is President, there will be peace in the world. Far from it. But what one can state, with some certainty, is that the perception of foreigners, and countries “hostile” to America, will be different once Obama is the President. The perception will be less adversarial, if not one of outright admiration. And the perception of others, by Obama, is considerably different, and better, than President Bush.” As I already posted here.

Second comes an Indian newspaper Mint which just born to walk and started to talk yet towards wrong direction. It says that it “is today formally endorsing Obama as the best person to be elected the next president of the US.”

ThirdThe Economist does not have a vote, but if it did, it would cast it for Mr Obama. We do so wholeheartedly: the Democratic candidate has clearly shown that he offers the better chance of restoring America’s self-confidence”.

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