Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who can write poem by the expenses of Public money? By Chandra

Many politicians do many things except in the interest of people who were elected these so called representatives who actually represent themselves for their interest not.

An Indian politician does some what different, let’s see.

"Dear Atalji I must confess It is time to clear up all this mess. Let us (something) deal with unfinished tasks and see the man behind the mask December 6th this nation saw gross violation of the law In retrospect you said this meant an expression of national sentiment

Don’t send me an sms to tell me that you love me I do not want to be that quickly erased from your memory.

I miss the smell of burning waste. The wake up call of temple bells And vendors who I chatter with Bargaining as they sell.

I haven’t spared the media. I have spared anybody. I haven’t spared the bureaucracy.There is a poem called ‘Smooth Sailing’ as to how a file moves in the bureaucratic system. When the minister wants it to move it quickly, how the Newton’s law of gravity slows it down. And it says:

The bureaucrats have finally tuned Newton’s law of motion Every action must be opposed with an equally robust reaction.

Our bureaucrats have finally tweaked Newton’s famous law of motion Positive actions must be opposed with a robust negative reaction Policy prescriptions when in place the Minister states with clarity This slow down movement of the files taking recourse to law of gravity Those requiring urgent action kept at the bottom of the pile Prepare a detailed list of objections which actions cannot reconcile Convoluted archaic rules not understanding simple facts Persuade the minister to invoke omnibus powers to relax Then opine,that such authority if he dares to ever use
Has the potential of making him a suspect if not an accused Most of our national projects will acquire enough maturity with time Moving forward at snail’s pace given the bureaucratic mind At the time of implementation all essential parameters change Bureaucrats then advise the Minister to start all over again.

The Left has suffered for a lifetime now, of an ailment they can’t diagnose The symptom however that troubles them most is that they can’t see beyond their nose. Doc Basu warned them of the precipice ahead, gave them medicine to prevent them fall The healer Surjeet, with practical tips, weaned them away from the Das Kapital They were then advised to see an optician for a possible vision transplant For an alternative way to prosperity for the poor who suffer from wants Manmohan, the doc, had a solution in mind, promised to do whatever he can They had to listen to him beyond the regime called the common minimum programme To see beyond the nose we must energise the mind, clogged, confused and unfreeDoc Manmohan believed, after studies revealed,that the way out was the 1...2...3.

Convincing those with their vision impaired, earning their ire and opprobrium Was no mean task, for what we needed most was in a short supply, of uranium This fissile material with our reactors in place would aid in clearing the mind But fossilized thoughts, ranted and raved, saw Opposition completely blind Frustrated he thought that in changing tack he had an outside chance to succeed Without energy supply his patience would die Though the afflicted needed time to concede With objectives achieved their mind will mutate They will begin to relearn as they see our actions will display Clearing the way for our energy autonomy.

The Indo-US nuclear deal now a bone of contention With the BJP’s turn about and the Left’s apprehension Imperialist designs cited as reason for suspicion One hoped left the ideology had evolved through transition Dismantling of the Berlin wall, the fall of the Iron Curtain No Gorbachev of Indian mould, after Basu the future uncertain.

Free press challenge today by corporate world Making news like other products commercially sold Advertising revenue drives content for gratification Commercial interest shamelessly receive undue articulation Electronic media through images that sensationalise In the process their credibility seriously jeopardize Bollywood geeks, cricket icons make headline news What stars foretell, conman tricks meant to infuse TRPs of channels, soap operas get hits for you News that matter, serious content, of limited value Online information, instant coffee, no time to brew.

That might not have suited for all those who wanted to embarrass the government that they Politics lost its veneer, as it would appear wads of notes on vulgar display We were all in a stupor, felt cheated and let down by those we hold in esteem Can’t compromise the nation by belittling its systems not upholding its glory pristine The government had won, democracy the loser and politics in utter disarray This temple of justice invaded by avarice Yet the nation will still have its way.

Every time you met me, your arrival woefully late I stood somewhat embarrassed outside your college gate Those who saw me waiting smiled knowingly at me A site that they had witnessed ever so frequently You noticed not my protests and with an open smile Expressed regrets that yet again I had waited for a while We waited for the sun to set to hold each other tight Nocturnal prowl the chowkidaar sentinel of the night Spotted with his flashy torch both in disheveled state Ensuring that potential sinners must never fall from grace.

Meeting in London. I dread to meet at Oxford street The same old faces exchanging usual graces Backslapping each other How are you brother Enjoying the weather. All family together. Away from the heat, Holiday complete And wife is busy on a shopping tizzy Makes her happy Buying for child They all going wild Picking up clothing Almost for nothing Best part is, sir This is like ghar".

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